We are one of the 1st companies to sell dog tags on the Internet ... Our prices and service will be hard to beat! We have thousands of satisfied customers.  We provide Dog Tags to church groups, youth organizations, movie and music industries, educational institutions, emergency personnel, Foreign Governments, as well as our Armed Forces; and pet owners love us!

We ship worldwide and offer a wide range of Bulk ordering and Volume pricing. We can create a one of a kind gift for an individual, or thousands of tags for a promotional or fund raising event. Custom and personalized tags for a special souvenir, memento, or acknowledgement of a job well done, recreating a nostalgic piece of history for a loved one - no matter what the job, we can produce your tags with quality American made products FAST. Personal service is our commitment to all our customers.

We pride ourselves on being the fastest, friendliest, and most accurate producer of military dog tags in the industry, and all this at the best prices! We use the highest quality materials--exactly the same tags, chains, and silencers used by our United States Armed Forces. We have authentic made machines, bought from the U.S. military

Our dog tags are mostly EMBOSSED; "Embossing" is just like the raised numbers on your credit card. We can also deboss the dog tags by special request, debossing was used from World War 2- Vietnam.

From large volume orders to a set a tags, our prices and service can’t be beat!